Observer Programs

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AFMA (Australia Fisheries Management Authority) Observer Program

Indian Ocean

New Zealand


  • POPA Azores Fisheries Observers Programme

United States


North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program (NPGOP)

  • NPGOP Restructured Observer Program Information

  • NPGOP Training and Briefing Schedule

  • Federal Fisheries Regulations

  • OAC - North Pacific Fisheries Management Council's Observer Advisory Committee

    • September 2013: OAC meeting, Seattle, Washington - Agenda; Meeting Report; Documents presented: Draft 2014 ADP (Annual Deployment Plan for observer coverage) and Power Point presentation;National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) response to the North Pacific Council's June request for information on electronic monitoring (EM), ADP, and Annual Performance Review (APR) in June; NMFS letterto the NP Council, backing down on their sampling design by allowing vessels participating in EM (Electronic Monitoring) Pilot Project to forgo observer coverage. These last two topics were only briefly discussed. A more thorough discussion will occur at the October Council meeting. Also Dan Falvey from the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association (ALFA) wanted to discuss his Experimental Fishing Permit but had little detail and it was not on the agenda, so this was tabled for a later time.

      • June 2012: North Pacific: NMFS proposed rule on the restructured program: APO comments; See what others said about the restructured program.

      • April 2013: Alaska's Senator Murkowski bullying NMFS about EM. She concedes that she "...needs a little more information...". OAC Observer Representative, Joseph Rehfuss, sent a letter to the OAC in April in response to NMFS' EM Strategic Plan(draft, April 2013) showing the percentage of observer duties that EM is capable of.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) Observer Program

  • ADFG Groundfish Observer Regulations (State)

  • ADFG Shellfish Observer Program Regulations (Crab and Scallops)

    • September 2013: ADFG Notice announcing 2013/2014 crab observer program and vessel registration requirements (with ADFG Shellfish Observer Coordinator contact information). Saltwater, Inc. (SWI) is the observer contractor and training is occurring this month. The 2012-2013 SWI/Observer Union Contract for observers is here. This is for Alaska groundfish and ADFG shellfish observers.

Alaska Marine Mammal Observer Program (AMMOP)

West Coast

California - Pelagic Longline

California - Drift Gillnet

California/Oregon - Swordfish Drift Gillnet Fishery

West Coast - Groundfish

Hawaii and American Samoa


American Samoa

Southeast Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

Southeast Pelagic Longline

Southeast - Shark Bottom Longline

Southeast - Shark Bottom Longline - more information

Southeast - Shark Gillnet


Northeast - Groundfish

Western, Central and South Pacific Ocean


West Africa Observer Program

NOAA (United States) has been partnering with West African nations to assist them in the formation of their national observer programs. Please see NOAA's website on these efforts.