Become a Member

What does your membership do?

APO is a volunteer-based organization. Your donations to APO will help fund the following:

  • APO member participation at professional meetings (e.g. Council, Observer Advisory Committee, International Fisheries Observer and Monitoring Conference); 

  • Annual organizational fees (website, registered agent, corporate filing, etc.); 

  • Printing and office supply expenses; 

  • Mailings/FedEx charges to support Observers and sustainable fisheries management; 

  • Help observers to fund organizational meetings; 

  • APO Scholarships/grants

Thank you very much for your support!

-- APO Board

How to Become a Member

To become an official Observer Member of the APO, you must currently be collecting or have collected fisheries monitoring data for a fisheries management authority and donate $15 or more annually. Non-observers may become a Supporting Member by donating $10 or more annually.


Fill out the form, pay your dues, and you're in!

Donate without becoming a member

Click the button below to support the APO without becoming a member. You can also donate in addition to your yearly membership.

If you don't want to pay via paypal, send a check or money order to:

Association for Professional Observers 
P.O. Box 933 
Eugene, Oregon 97440