The work of the Support and Opportunities Committee of the OPWG addresses such topics as: conflict resolution instruction, grievances procedures, counseling options, awarding credit where due, inclusion in professional fora, and assistance for observer advancement among careers in fisheries management.​

Committee Lead

Jon McVeigh
Debriefer/ Observer Trainer
Eureka, California, USA 
Committee Contact:

Committee Members

Larry Beerkircher
Observer Program Manager
Miami, Florida, USA

Dawn Golden
Observer Trainer/ Debriefer/ Graduate Studies Student
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Patricia Mancini
Observer Program Representative
Itajai, Brazil

Mike Orcutt
Observer Program Operations Coordinator
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Existing Findings

Link directly to a summary of the Support and Opportunities Committee’s findings (up until July 2008) at: 2008 Support and Opportunities Committee Findings

Continued Work

Navigate to the 2009 OPWG Support and Opportunities Committee Plan for a complete plan of this committee’s intended work leading up to and during the 6th IFOMC (Portland, USA; July 2009). The primary purpose with presenting this plan is to chart this committee’s intention for conducting Focused Interviews, so interview participants may have the opportunity to reference objectives, scope, and potential questions for facilitating the actual interview process.