Observer Data

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Background and Objectives

The work of the APO Observer Data focus area is centered around initiating and managing projects intended to provide resources regarding important issues and taking action upon projects related to: the public access to Fisheries Observer data; observer data collection protocols; observer training and data quality control standards; observer program service delivery model structuring and comparisons; and, rules that have an impact on the independence and integrity of fisheries resource monitoring programs and the resultant data collected. 


Current Projects: For details and resources specific to each of the current ongoing projects of the Observer Data APO Focus Area, please navigate to each project page found at the following links:

Past Project Actions and Outputs: This page is also currently under construction. Soon you will be able to link here to find a chronologically ordered list (with associated resource links for some) of past completed APO project actions and outputs, now categorized under the Observer Data APO Focus Area heading. 

If you would like to see the page we have for papers that have used observer data, click here

Membership and Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or feedback, and if you have any interest in participating in the developments of this APO Focus Area. 

Focus Area Board Member Representatives: Listed here are members of the APO Board who are the current primary contacts for activities conducted by the Observer Data APO Focus Area: Liz Mitchell


In the future, this APO Focus Area aims to keep tabs on data collection methods of various observer programs, promote the usage of observer data, and foster a broader approach for all APO projects. If there is a particular project that you would like to see addressed, we wholeheartedly welcome your suggestions. We need your help with the Observer Data APO Focus Area. The time and level of commitment you can provide is up to you. Become involved with the Observer Data APO Focus Area today!!! 

General Resources and Links

This section is currently under construction and should be available soon.

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