The work of the Social Equity Committee of the OPWG aims to: identify the factors which may bring about discriminatory practices and social barriers in the observer workplace (based upon sex, age, ethnicity, or class) and recognize and promote the initiatives which foster equitable employment practices in the profession.

Committee Lead

Elaine Ward 
Gender and Diversity Specialist
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Committee Contact: 

Committee Members

Ave Eddie Agae
Native Fisheries Observer Program Manager
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Shikami Kennedy Akweyu
Senior Fisheries Officer
Mombasa, Kenya

Sara Wetmore
Observer Data Quality Control
Woods Hole, M.A., USA

Existing Findings

Link directly to a summary of the Social Equity Committee’s findings (up until July 2008) at: 2008 Social Equity Committee Findings

Continued Work

Navigate to the 2009 OPWG Social Equity Committee Plan for a complete plan of this committee’s intended work leading up to and during the 6th IFOMC (Portland, USA; July 2009). The primary purpose with presenting this plan is to chart this committee’s intention for conducting Focused Interviews, so interview participants may have the opportunity to reference objectives, scope, and potential questions for facilitating the actual interview process.