Education and Outreach

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Background and Objectives

The work of the Education and Outreach (E&O) APO Focus Area is centered about initiating and managing projects intended to: support the dissemination of educational information related to the Fisheries Observer profession; increase and improve the utility of Fisheries Observer, fisheries management, and fisheries science resources available to the public; and to reach out among a wide range of stakeholders internationally, to foster a broadened vantage among all of the APO's work. 


  • Current Projects: For details and resources specific to each of the current ongoing projects of the Education and Outreach APO Focus Area, please navigate to each project page found at the following links:

    • Mail Buoy, quarterly observer newsletter

    • International Outreach, includes a list of APO objectives for reaching out internationally (presently under construction). Please visit our International Observer Bill of Rights (IOBR) page.

Membership and Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or feedback, and if you have any interest in participating in the developments of this APO Focus Area. 

Focus Area Board Member Representatives: Listed here are members of the APO Board who are the current primary contacts for activities conducted by the Education and Outreach APO Focus Area: 

Liz Mitchell:


General Resources and Links

United States National Observer Program 

U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Office of Inspector General. 2004. NMFS observer programs should improve data quality, performance monitoring, and outreach efforts. Final Audit Report No. IPE-15721/March 2004.

MRAG Americas, Inc. 2000. Independent review of the North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program.

Mayhew, T. and K. Dietrich. 2005. Analysis of recruitment and retention procedures for U.S. fisheries observers. Association for Professional Observers report prepared for the National Marine Fisheries Service, Contract no. NFFKS100-2-00023.

Letter in response to the NMFS National Observer Program rejecting APO recommendations from this report

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